Wynwood Walls

Answers to six of your most pressing Wynwood Walls questions:

The Wynwood Walls were developed in the warehouse district of Wynwood in 2009 by the late Tony Goldman, a well-known real estate mogul and entrepreneur who was also a generous patron of the arts. Boasting vibrant murals painted by a diverse group of internationally-renowned street artists that cover over 80,000 square feet in wall space, the Wynwood Walls have become one of the most widely heralded street art destinations in the world. It is a fantastic testament to the creative energy that runs through Miami’s veins. We most certainly do not want you missing out on the fun, so we have mapped out answers to your more pressing questions about the Wynwood Walls below. 

Is Wynwood Walls free?

It has been said by many that the best things in life are free. Well, we have some good news for you: the Wynwoods Walls are no exception to this rule. Yes, the Wynwood Walls are free and open to the public. You can visit this unique, world famous outdoor art gallery without spending a dime. With artwork by globally celebrated artists like Tristan Eaton, Shepard Fairey, Miss Van, and the London Police, the Wynwood Walls are home to some truly stunning pieces. So really, what are you waiting for? 

What are the best Wynwood Walls restaurants?

  • Charcoal:  This garden bar and grill located at the Wynwood Yard has a menu built around “state-of-the-art Spanish enclosed grills that burn 100% charcoal and can reach upwards of 800º Fahrenheit.” Their dishes boast big flavors highlighting locally-sourced ingredients. 

  • Panther Coffee: This small-batch roaster slings a legendary cold brew coffee and a killer espresso. If you’re a coffee snob, Panther will not disappoint. And for the non-coffee drinkers, they serve artisanal sodas and juices. 

  • The Salty Donut: We’re salivating just thinking about their nutella donut. This iconic donut shop is just a five minute walk from the Wynwood Walls. They have a rotating weekly menu featuring more seasonal and experimental flavors (coffee tahini and halva, anyone?), along with some year-round staples like said aforementioned nutella, maple bacon, brown butter and salt, and others. Bonus: they carry vegan and gluten-free options as well.

  • Wynwood Kitchen and Bar: This neighborhood favorite features Latin-inspired tapas in an art-infused setting. With murals and artwork by street art greats Christian Awe, Shepard Fairey, and Santiago Rubino, Wynwood Kitchen and Bar provides what is arguably one of the coolest dining environments in the city. 

  • Joey’s Italian Cafe: Joey’s has been serving up modern, authentic Italian in Wynwood for over a decade now. Rumor has it this is one of Jay-Z and Beyonce’s favorite Miami spots. Let’s be real: if Queen Bey likes it, you know it’s good. 

Don’t forget to check out the fabulous Wynwood bar scene as well! And you can read our Wynwood restaurant guide to here, complete with pro-tips for more of the best restaurants in Wynwood. 

What is the Wynwood Walls Art Walk?

On the second Saturday of each month, thousands flock to the district for the Wynwood Art Walk. Beginning at 6:00pm, this night-long neighborhood hangout will give you the chance to peruse galleries, eat some of the best food Miami has to offer, shop locally, and enjoy various offerings from hundreds of different businesses in Wynwood. You can learn more about the Wynwood Art Walk here. Come, or risk experiencing major FOMO. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. It’s one hell of a block party that you most definitely will not want to miss. Oh, and be sure to come camera-ready! Bring your selfie stick, because everyone knows that the Wynwood Walls make for some of the best Insta backdrops in all of Miami. 

Any tips on Wynwood Walls parking?

Street parking is metered, so we recommend downloading the PayByPhone app. Otherwise, you can also pay to park in some of the various lots scattered around the neighborhood. Those are usually around $10, but prices sometimes vary depending upon the time or day. Parking options for the Wynwood Walls and surrounding areas are definitely more sparse during major events like the Art Walk, so rideshare options might be a good bet during peak happenings. 

Can I visit Wynwood Walls at night?

Yup. The Wynwood Walls in Miami are open at night, so you can definitely visit! They remain well-lit after sunset and can be accessed until 11:30 PM Monday thru Thursday, and midnight Friday and Saturday. They close up shop on Sundays at 8:00 PM. Oh, and one more friendly reminder that the Wynwood Walls are free of charge—no matter the time of day, there is no cost associated with visiting the walls. 

Where can I find a Wynwood Walls Map?

Look no further—we have just the thing. The Wynwood Walls map below can serve as a handy tool as you visit the outdoor mural gallery and other cool spots in the neighborhood. But Wynwood is also fairly easy to navigate, so we recommend taking some time to leisurely wander around the area on your own. You will inevitably experience memorable adventures along the way in this happening place. As you explore, be sure to learn more about the artists who have created the majestic works of art running throughout Wynwood. The different approaches, philosophies, and background stories are fascinating and will give you a whole new perspective. Here is the perfect place to start learning more about the people behind the artwork around Wynwood.