Does Art Walk Still Pack Heat?

Going on for at least a half-decade, maybe longer, the Art Walk has been the crown jewel of Wynwood’s monthly events. Occurring on the second Saturday of every month (except maybe when Irma fucked up September 2017), the Wynwood Art Walk welcomes both the washed and unwashed masses to Uber on down; stand in front of it’s storied, decorative walls; and snap selfies without tagging the artists (one of our biggest vexations here at the WM)

Food trucks and breweries and a ton of restaurants ensure that you can also get drunk for a reasonable, if not cheap, price, and your friends can try to sober you up with a basket of fries while you gawk at art and  prattle on about what you know with your slurred, imperfect speech patterns. Throw in a very relaxed attitude about certain leafy substances, and you’re looking at a place where you can kill a Saturday night without blowing all of your paper-route money.

If you’re looking for a sleek, smooth vessel to take you to Fun City, Wynwood is your spaceship, little rocket man. But here’s the problem: sometimes, you folks get bored. That’s why you and your friends might be all about skipping this months Art Walk, and we think you might be right.

Wynwood is Always Changing, but We Also Bore Easily

Here’s a scenario for you. You swipe right on Tinder or Grindr or Love at AOL (which you can easily access on your Palm Treo or Apple Newton), and after a quick meeting with your future paramore at an area coffee shop, you get that coveted Saturday night date, not even realizing that it’s also the same night as the big Art Walk. So, you send your new pal a little message on the ol’ Snap & Chat: “Wanna do the WAW?” They’re intrigued. Of course, they want to go. They’ve never been, but they’ve heard so much about it.  

The two of you go down to the Art Walk and you have an amazing date. A little art, a few pints, a tasty meal, and some memorable jams from a band whose name you can’t recall. It’s one for the history books. You go home together. Maybe sex happens or maybe you wait until the second or even third date. All we know is that for the first time this month, you’ve finally achieved happiness. Now, the next month comes along and they want to go back to see even more art

“Especially the walls,” and that’s a direct quote. 

Well, “Honey baby,” you say, “I love the arts, but we don’t have to wait to until the Art Walk to go look at the walls. Besides, you know they don’t get changed every month, right. I tell you what. Why don’t you and me go salsa dancing and grab a couple o’ donut/doughnuts over at Salty this Friday night?”

And that’s part of the problem. What the hell is the point of going to an Art Walk—any Art Walk—when most of the art is almost always on display and rarely gets switched? 

The Wall Art Isn’t The Only Game in Town

So, you're like, “Yeah, Wynwood Monthly, you’re talking about the wall art. Again with the goddamn wall art. You know Wynwood has things other than the wall art. You should mention those on your website! We’re getting sick of you.” 

An Official Wynwood Monthly Statement Regarding the Wall Art and Other Things 

We here at the Wynwood Monthly do know that Wynwood has other things than just the wall art. It’s one of the reasons that we spend our nights and weekends sampling the various delights that this fine neighborhood has to offer. We play no favorites. We love the art, food, drinks, and entertainment equally. (End of Official Statement)

But back to our point, not everyone is quite so immersed in the cultural fabric of Wynwood as we are. So, using the example of our weirdly non-specific couple who wanted to head down to the art walk for some unique, one-of-a-kind, genuine adventures, we need a compelling factor that would recommend Wynwood on an Art Walk night that wouldn’t be there on just about any other night. But, not Mondays. We know that using a Monday test is completely unfair. Mondays are from hell.

But We Love the Wynwood Art Walk, We Really Do

We can think of a few novel things that the Art Walk has, but not many. Maybe, just maybe, there’s a little more art out on the streets. Fine, we’ll grant you that. And you might possibly hear the sound of live music emanating from a door here or there. Okey, And some of the hipper restaurants could possibly do some Art Walk food and drink specials. Sure, those are great. But for the most part, Wynwood is a month-round orgasmic explosion! 

Get over yourself, Art Walk.

A Very Brief, Unofficial History of Wynwood

Think about Wynwood even five years ago vs. Wynwood now. Back then, in the early part of the Second Decade of the Third Millennium, artists, craftspeople, and garage bands were filling the cheap spaces and serving  each other bags of chips and PBR cans from Igloo™ coolers, creating a small but buzzing underground economy. Once a month, whether it be to pay the rent, raise a little herb cash, or just so that they could hear one or two other human beings acknowledge that they actually produced art, the denizens of old Wynwood (circa 2010-2013) would open their shops, drag out their wears, and show the world what their prettily-bent artist minds had created. 

And then it would all go away until next month.

Sure, no one folded up the walls, but that was all you’d get if you weren’t there during Art Walk. But look at us now. 

So, the question is: Is Wynwood too In to be In?

And the answer to that question is a resounding “NO!” We realize that Wynwood is no longer the dirty little trainspotting-esque town that many of you cling to with your paintbrushes and your bongo beats and your hand-rolled cigarettes, but Wynwood still fucks with convention in a big way. And while we now have to cater to this new, more conventional Miami crowd by serving them twelve different flavors of mojitos and Cuban-Thai infusion, we also sell a fuckload more art.

Suck it up and enjoy.