Concealed Eyewear

Just like the art is a symbol of what Wynwood is, there are also small accessories that make a statement of who you are. Eyewear is a fashion accessory that when innovated can exude so much lifestyle. Style comes from innovating fashions together to exhibit a unique lifestyle. 

Take local eyewear brand, Concealed Eyewear for example. Their styles of eyewear are so diverse and innovative that they have a frame to fit any style! Our favorite frames for Summer 18 are the Real Ri, the Topless, and the Cadillac Pimpin'. A frame to make anyone feel like a celebrity or resemble a vintage look. 

Looking to add elegance and chic vintage wear to your outfit? Real Ri is inspired by Rihanna’s style of the small frame.  The Topless is for those who like a slightly larger frame with a unique twist.  Get a light tint of summer sun or blue waves  with the Cadillac Pimpin frames.  The best part about all of them is that their lightweight!  

Take a look at the shop feature on our website to see more of Concealed Eyewear’s innovative styles.  We’re sure they will have a frame that fits your style no matter how unique or chic you like to sport your style.